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12 Week Online Interior Decorating Certification Program

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The DeGangi 12 Week On-Line

Interior Decorating Certification Program

Self-Directed. Anytime, Anywhere Learning at Your Own Convenience
The highest level of professional certification offered at DeGangi with a broad focus in a variety of areas of interior decorating, with supportive business and marketing modules so you can begin your own business an an Interior Decorator!


Our 12-week on-line, self-directed Interior Decorating Certification Program is designed for those seeking a career as an Interior Decorator. The program covers a broad focus in a variety of interior decorating and business disciplines and topics, and results in an Interior Decorating certificate.


This exciting 12-Week On-Line Interior Decorating Certification Program can begin at anytime. 


Upon completion, graduates will have learned the skills necessary to enter the profession of Interior Decorating, and will receive a DeGangi certificate and a one year FREE membership into the Decorators' Alliance of North America (DANA).


About the 12-Week On-Line Interior Decorating Certification Program


This comprehensive, self-directed and interactive program is brought to you completely at a distance using the power of the Internet. Classes are not in "real time", so you can work any time of the day or night, anywhere, and at your own convenience. You can replay the content as many times as you like.

This course consists of 12 state-of-the-art learning modules plus 1 introductory module (24 lessons) that are self-paced, and interactive, and include audio, video, digital photographs, presentations, inter-activities, booklets, work pages, home study assignments, and projects to develop your skills in the fields of Interior Decorating and Home Fashions Design. 


Complete the program as fast as you like, or give yourself up to six months to complete it. This program features the personal mentorship and guidance of a Professional Interior Decorator by e-mail and by phone anytime you feel it is needed. 

Each of the 12 modules will equip you will the tools and skills you will use regularly--almost daily-- in your career. Enjoy 8 design modules made up of 17 lessons covering exciting topics you absolutely need in the field, plus an extensive BUSINESS BONUS--4
modules (an additional 7 lessons) that covers everything from successful selling and effective time management, to easy marketing strategies and good customer communication practices. The business modules are designed to teach you how to make a profitable living in your career, and how to find and keep clients.

Downloadable and printable supplemental study materials and main texts are included in the program. A list of  basic supplies will also be included, and these can be purchased at your local hobby or craft store and your local fabric shop, or you may choose to purchase the DeGangi Supply Bag for $195 which includes ALL supplies, fabrics and color swatches, plus lots of great supplemental BONUS books and materials for your enjoyment and additional learning. 


What others are saying about the DeGangi Interior Decorating Certification Course:


"I loved the videos and text manual information. They carried it one step further. I feel very confident about becoming a decorator. I feel I have developed the skills.

I learned several skills-I understand about colors, bedrooms, furniture arranging, and several other aspects of decorating. The course is very informative.

I now have more confidence in working with clients and guiding them through the decorating experience just by the classes I had. The activities really helped.

I feel very confident and well-trained”

Ginger Curbello
Simply Elegant Designs

Richland Hills, TX.


"This course has given me confidence and interior decoration knowledge. I am more confident of myself than I was before. I now know what to say to a client. I now have a new approach thanks to the modules because I know the steps to take in my meeting with a client.

I know what questions to ask my clients--what to do.

I can now decorate a client's space without much anxiety or fear of not doing it right because the course has taught me how to do it right. Yes, it has equipped me from the least thing like using fragrance in a room, to how to arrange furniture and where to place accessories.

I really like the time mastery tips! Those will not only help my business grow but will help me in my day-to-day activities! ”

Catherine Ngoh

Evans, GA.



Get the BEST Design and Decorating  Training in the Industry!
Begin on a New and Prosperous Career Path

Whether you're a well-seasoned professional, or a brand new Interior Designer, Decorator, Color Consultant, Re-Designer, Furniture Sales Consultant, Home Stager, Professional Organizer, or other design professional, you need up to date, proven success tools and skills so you can:

• Master the design and business principles that work in the field
• Make your own schedule and your own decisions
• Meet wonderful people and work in Beautiful Homes
• Communicate confidence in design and business settings
• Know how to gain clients and keep them by meeting their needs
• Attract clients who WANT to buy YOUR products and services
• Connect meaningfully with customers so they’ll buy from YOU again and again
• Gain a LOYAL client following with on-going referral streams
• Have total control of your career, your income, and your future
• Increase leads, sales, and most importantly, PROFITS, and
• Have Fun EVERY DAY in a career You LOVE!


The DeGangi 12 Week Online Interior Decorating Certification program is a designed to suit YOUR learning style and make you one of the WINNERS in the interior design and decorating industries. Become a true professional!

All of our programs are created by industry professionals and university degreed Instructional Designers and Adult Learning and E-Learning specialists, to make your choice in quality education pay off for you. All of the DeGangi course content as well as the methods of course delivery at are built on research-based, adult learning principles, models, and strategies to give you the finest design and business education available. We focus on behavioral outcomes, so you gain top skills that work for you as you work with real clients in your decorating and design career.



Our programs are the finest in the industry and well respected!

"We work with learners to build in them not only the real-life skills needed to meet with and serve clients, but the knowledge bases required to be exceptional Interior Decorators and Home Fashions Design Professionals who earn significant incomes.

We also instill in learners the confidence to enthusiastically meet new and exciting design challenges everyday. DeGangi graduates are truly equipped to immediately begin a profitable and rewarding professional career in Interior Decorating or Home Fashions Design.”

Margarett DeGange, M.Ed,
Business Development and Empowerment Coach

Adult Education Specialist
Certified Professional Decorator and Home Fashions Designer,
Director of The DeGangi School of Interior Decoration



"I love this course. I can't wait to do the online Dewey Color Certification. All the Best.


Ann McDaniel
Worthington, OH.


"I really enjoyed the audio and video lessons and presentations because it helped me focus and connect better with the material. I liked every aspect of the course! It has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to become a successful decorator. I feel more confident in my abilities to offer professional design services to future clients.”


Bjorg Barstad
Corvallis, OR.



Topics Covered in this 12-Week On-Line Interior Decorating Course:



Designer and Decorator Roles and Titles

The Purpose of Interior Decorating

The Decorator and the Client

The Elements and Principles of Design

The Decorating Plan and The DEGANGI DOZEN©

12 Decorating, Fundamentals of a Space

Color for Design Professionals

Basics of Paint and Wall Treatments

Common Decorating Styles

Identifying and Understanding Fabrics

Flooring Basics

Interior Lighting Basics

Decorative Trimmings for Use in Home Fashions

Soft Window Treatment Foundations

Custom Bedding Basics

Creating Focal Points

Furniture Placement Basics

Successful Accessorizing


Your Quickie Business Plan

General Business Practices and Your Business Goals

Marketing and Niche Marketing

Working with Suppliers

Successful Selling

Time Mastery Strategies

Effective Communication

Professional Resources




Upon completion, graduates will have Earned:

  • A DeGangi Interior Decorating Certificate

  • A one year FREE membership into the Decorators' Alliance of North America (DANA)

  • Rich skills necessary to enter the profession of Interior Decorating

  • A library of fabulous materials on audio, video, and pdf to keep for future reference and refreshers

  • Completed Presentation Boards for your home or office studio

  • Additional coaching support for 6 months by phone or email

  • An incredible feeling of accomplishment and excitement for bright and fulfilling future!



"I really enjoyed the lesson on custom bedding. I found it interesting to learn about the different ways to turn a bedroom into a retreat. Being a seamstress, I love working with fabrics, trims, and the color schemes involved.

Putting together presentation boards was new to me. Making up mock boards now, I believe, will help me in the future. This course has given me a more in depth knowledge of color, fabrics, and decorating style categories. All these lessons helped to fill in the blanks of what I already knew. I feel more confident when talking to others about the effects of color and the mood they want to achieve in their homes.

I feel this course has given me a better understanding of all the different kinds of niches you can get into as a decorator.

I feel more confident when talking to others about decorating. I know how to take better measurement, I know what to look for in quality products, fabrics, etc.

I feel this class has better equipped me to decorate for actual clients. Learning what kinds of questions to ask, I can help them to create an environment that is comfortable and pleasing to them.

Elizabeth Kretschmer
Klassic Interiors of Alaska

Anchorage, AK.





12-Week On-Line Interior Decorating Certification Pricing:


SAVE 300 by paying for your course in one easy payment of $975 U.S.

The cost of the 12-Week comprehensive Interior Decorating Certification Program is only $1275 U.S., but if you pay in ONE PAYMENT, you SAVE $300, making the course ONLY $975 U.S.
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Once you register, you will receive a link to your introduction Module, detailed course instructions, and your first Lesson Module of the DeGangi Interior Decorating Certification Course.  If you have any further questions, please call
979-690-8329 or email us at info@DecoratingSchool.com



DeGangi Refund Policy for Online Classes and Digital Classes:

Once you register for an online course, you will immediately be sent
download links to begin your course. Because of the nature of digital products, a credit will be issued if you cancel an online class within 14 days of purchase. The credit can be used for any of the DeGangi classes or DeGangi products. The credit may be used for digital products, online courses and programs, or for onsite courses and programs.




Learn from the Industry's Trusted Professionals




Here is my personal story on being a decorator:


My name is Margarett DeGange (Margo), Director of the DeGangi School of Interior Decoration. That is my picture to the right, and also at the very top of the page. I have been decorating for 20 years, and I have experienced a fabulous career. I now spend all of my time helping others to get into the industry and have a really great business and career once they start.


Interior Decorating and Interior Design afford you so much excitement and prestige. The lifestyle is fun and you have many opportunities to meet wonderful people, and work in beautiful spaces (that you help to create)!


To be successful in this business, you will have to get training (that's why you are here), make a plan, and put effort into your plan. You will have to work at it, but it just does not feel like "work" at all when you are doing what you love and what you are really passionate about! It is actually very thrilling to be in interior decorating each and every day.
Decorating is a sensational career, and gives you so much freedom to do many other things, like your hobbies, spending time with family members, sailing (one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things to do), or whatever. This career can give you a lot of flexibility and control over your life to do all of the things you love, including decorating your own home, getting to know other design-related professionals, and traveling.


This career has been great, and because I was so passionate about it, I put my heart in it and I did really well. Now YOU CAN TOO!


I am going to share all of my decorating secrets and design principles with you—the ones that will make you into a great decorating professional. 


EASILY and QUICKLY learn PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DECORATING and then go out and make good money doing what you love. This 12 Week DeGangi Online Interior Decorating Certification Course is your ticket to a better life. Start right away, and in a few short weeks you will have a new and valuable skills set and an exciting career path to follow.





Register HERE to take the 12 week online Interior Decorating Course for only 1 Payment of $975 and save $300!

Register HERE to take the 12 week online Interior Decorating Course for only 5 Payments of $255 each: Your first payment of $255 will be charged at checkout at the time of registration. The remaining 4 payments of $255 will be charged automatically to your credit card every 30 days!

I know you will thoroughly enjoy this Interior Decorating Crash Course. This course WILL make you a better design professional, and give you enormous confidence in your career.  Be EMPOWERED! 





Margo’s philosophy in professional decorating:


“Put the customer first and your success will follow!


Your client’s home is a very real extension of who they are. So much of a person’s identity and how they project themselves out into the world is rooted in the spirit and activities that take place within the home.


All of us, and especially your clients, have a deep desire for our interior spaces to be beautiful and in balance. This balance comes first from the harmony in the relationships within the home, and secondly from the functionality and beauty of the home itself.


If we keep this in mind as we practice interior decoration and design, we will do so with purpose and meaning."